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Masai Coffee – Green Beans

GoldRock Intermational Masai Coffee is ntroducing Green bean coffee that is carefully picked and selected by qualified Q graders and liquorers to get the best cup of Kenyan coffee.

We offer all kind of Kenyan green coffee beans, process if required and supply as per buyer’s description.

Kenya AA

Kenya AA is the most popular grade of coffee that is widely known worldwide.

Retained in screen No.18, diameter 7.2mm (approximately 18/64 of an inch and often referred to as a screen size of 18).

This grade of coffee often receives a higher price than other grades.

Kenya AB

This grade is a combination of two grades A and B.

A-6.80mm screen, B-6.20mm scree.

Retained in screen No. 16. diameter A-6.80mm, B-6.20mm.

It is also popular grade which fetches good prices.

On average, 30% of Kenyan coffee is assigned in this grade.

Kenya PB

This grade is also known as the pea berry beans.

These are round beans which usually grow as one bean in a single cherry bean.

Retained in screen No.12, diameter 4.76mm.

About 10% of Kenyan coffee falls into this grade.

Kenya E

This the largest of all the grades in size and has been named Elephant grade in the grading.

Retained in screen  No.21, diameter 8.33mm.

Kenya C

Smaller beans than B and most of the thin beans in this grade, Retained in screen No 10, 3.96mm.

Kenya TT

This grade is composed of light beans sorted by gravity and usually separated from all other grades.

Kenya T

The smallest and thinnest beans, Most of the beans are in the form of chips that are through screen No. 7, 2.9mm

There are more grades that available from coffee auction like ML, MH, HE, SB, SC, UG, UG1, UG2 and UG3

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