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Automatic Vending Machines

Automatic Hot Beverages Vending Machines

Goldrock International is the first company in Kenya to have introduced the concept of automatic vending machines, to offer a service in a virtually unexplored businnes territory up to now.

Our machines can be deployed anywhere, indoor outdoor, exceptionally small yet easy to use, render a pleasant break for a full flavoured coffe or a relaxing cup of tea on the fly and ready in seconds.

These machines gives it’s best in busy environments such as Airports lounges, offices, Banks, Hospitals, gathering places, waiting rooms, Shops, Conference rooms, Train and Bus stations, excellent as rent out for parties, rallies and in all those occasion where you would like to provide a fast, yet excellent service and hygenically sound.

All our machines utilized Mineral water so you can always be sure of the water purity. All the ingredients are fully sealed and enclosed inside the machine body, no human contacts to the ingredients or the paper cups takes place while brewing to ensure and convey sound hygene practice.

We Lease or sell the machine.

Can operate free or with coins, this depens if the leaser would like to provide an added value to their customers while waiting to be attended, or eventually to establish a refreshment point for its employees and ensure a pleasant break and a shot of energy definitely increasing productivity and working environment.

Beverage taste can be adjusted utilizing the easy to operate buttons, to carefully mix and mach the ingredients( coffe, creamer, sugar, tea, chocolate) to brew your favourite hot drink.

All Goldrock vending machines are envinronmental friendly as we use ONLY paper cups and not polluting PET plastics cups as usually used in USA and Europe. We know well that paper cups are more expensive but this is our policy for a more envinronmental friendly service.

We can also provide your advertisement in the cups to remind or let the user know about your products and services wispering your brand in a moment of relax.

At present more than 10’000 cups fo coffe or tea or chocolate are consumed daily in the Greater Nairobi Area alone and rising, this will give you a straight audience target.

We are looking distributors for the following areas in Kenya: Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega, Embu, Machakos, Voi, Namanga, Meru, Nakuru.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

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