Coffee Storys​

Masai coffee is goldrock’s own blend of Kenya’s finest home grown coffee, aiming at trade for both green beans and roasted coffee. goldrock international has highly qualified liqueurs and coffee analysts who make sure your packet of coffee has nothing but the best quality of coffee  

Tea Storys

I love the world of tea with ts wide variety of flavors, orgns and health benefits.  It’s a topc that keeps heaping pleasant surprises at my doorstop.  But have you ever wondered. beyoun the obvious sifferences of taste, what makes black tea black or green tea green?  It’s all about when it is harvested and how the leaves are treated after it is picked.  It is amazing to think of the wide array of flavors that come from just one plant!


At Masai Coffee we love sharing our knowledge. Nothing better than having a fantastic cup of fresh coffee at home. Brewing is easy. Click on our brew guides below to receive instructions. Enjoy!