GoldRock International is proud to introduce Masai Coffee brand that is carefully picked and blended by qualified Q graders and liquorers to get the best selection of Kenyan coffee beans.

Masai Coffee products are well balanced in flavor and taste and made to satisfy the most selective coffee lovers.

Unique quality blends are created to introduce you with rich aroma, amazing winey or fruity taste and typical acidity.

Masai Coffee is a gift of Mother Nature with professional touch.

Gold Enticing Roasted/Ground Coffee 250grms

Red Supreme Roasted/Ground Coffee 250grm
Deka Decaffeinated Roasted/Ground Coffee 250 grm

Pink Mellow Roasted/Ground Coffee 250grm

Silver Lively Roasted/Ground Coffee 250grm

Blue Suave

This special Masai Coffee blend is a mix of the best naturally processed Kenyan beans.